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I ordered brunch for me and my family and it was delicious! I ordered the Spanish Omelet with a side of home fries, and was impressed that the food was still hot when it arrived. My daughter-in-law ordered the Gemini, and was also impressed with the portion size, as they gave a good amount of bacon with her order. My son ordered a Hungry Man Breakfast Hero and loved it. We also ordered a bagel on the side, for my daughter-in-law and I to split, but we were all to full to eat it until later! And even when we did, it was fresh and delicious, just like everything we had ordered. Yep... we will order from Forest Hills Bagels again!


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Not sure why reviews of this place are so polarized, but I've ordered several times, through GrubHub & directly, & haven't found a thing to complain about yet; I'll order again as soon as my wife gives me her permission.


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I love it. The only problem (not a big one) I did not order the bagel toasted. Next time I will know to specify. It shouldn't be assumed and if I walked into FH Bagel, they would not assume "toasted".


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Originally from Philadelphia, PA, had the Philly Cheesesteak and I was very impressed. Tasted great. Forest Hills Bagels always get the orders right and delivers fast! One of my favorites!


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Consistently delicious bagels and meats. I never have a problem modifying or adding anything to my order in the comments section. Delivery is super fast! I order from here every weekend.

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3 reviews
Forest Hills Bagels is a my go to bagel place for years. They make good bagels (I like Sesame bagels), sandwiches, breakfast (I like the french toast and the Sausage, egg and cheese on bagel) and other stuff. Like I said my dependable, go to bagel spot. They deliver quickly. Once they showed up so fast, I don't think I could have sliced, toasted and buttered a bagel myself. Admittedly, I live nearby and i'm kinda lazy and certainly no iron chef when toasting bagels. Regardless, they really delivered super fast that day. Good food.


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I go here in person and the food is quite great, so I ordered despite the 3-star rating. I've ordered on a few occasions now and haven't had any major issues. All liquid containers were wrapped well with aluminum foil so there was no spillage. One thing is, if you want a toasted bagel, be sure to specify it!


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I haVe consistently ordered here for a while.. Always comes within the 30 min. Their bagels are great, I usually get the scallion or veggie cream chz . They have never made me upset, it's def my go to place for a good sandwich or breakfast. :)


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I order from this place at least once a week. They always deliver within 15 minutes and the food is awesome! I love the whitefish salad on a bagel and also lox cream cheese on a bagel. The sandwiches are good too! My go-to :)


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Order delivered 13 minutes after it was placed! I was actually concerned that they couldn't possibly have gotten it right that quickly, but they did! Food was great, quick delivery... perfect experience!

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Forest Hills Bagels provides you with prompt delivery and caters your party with the best quality food in the area. We have been serving Forest Hills for the past thirty years, providing satisfaction to our clients. We do catering service for small, medium and large parties.